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The Lazy Girl's Guide To Skin Care

Posted by Melissa Melander on
The Lazy Girl's Guide to Skincare

I see you. Yes, you! The stay-at-home mom, single mom, avid side hustler working four jobs, beauty minimalist, or purely the one who takes no interest in skin care - beyond the basics. This article was created just for you!

This may be the lazy girl’s skin care guide, BUT we know that you are far from lazy. Rather, you find there are other things that take priority over an arduous skin care routine. I understand. 


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Who has time to spend 30 minutes a day on their skincare these days!? With kids running lose around the house due to COVID school closures while attempting to get some work done from home and at the same time squeezing in a moment to prepare meals and make sure everyone is well taken care of, that leaves little room to take care of you! 

But you’re in luck! This article will show you just how to give yourself, and your skin, the attention it deserves - in less than 10 minutes a daySo without further ado, let’s introduce the daily skin care guide for busy women where sometimes, less is more!


Lazy Girl’s Morning Skin Care Routine: 5 minutes

Step 1: Cleanse with a light cleanser and rinse with water. We love the Yes To Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser.

Step 2: Pat dry.

Step 3: Apply a daily face lotion with 15-30 SPF. We also love the AVEENO® ULTRA-CALMING® daily face moisturizer with SPF 30.

Step 4: Happily frolic about your day.

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*Lazy Girl Afternoon Skin Care Tip

If your skin needs a quick pick me up, spritz on some rose water and let air dry. It works as a great toner and helps keep skin hydrated. I use the Rose Water Facial Toner from Trader Joes, it is only $3.99!

Lazy Girl’s Evening Skin Care Routine: 5 minutes

Step 1: Cleanse with a light cleanser and rinse with water, or take a face wipe and lift away all makeup and dirt (great when coming home after a long night). 

Step 2: Pat dry.

Step 3: Apply several drops of your favorite facial serum. We love the Eva Naturals Anti Aging serum.

Step 4: Massage in your favorite facial oil or cream. We also love the SheaMoisture Cannabis & Witch Hazel Skin Rescue Facial Oil, leaving your skin well hydrated in the morning without any leftover oily residue.

Voilà, you’re a walking masterpiece of perfection - morning, day, or night!

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Lazy Girl’s Skincare Guide to Exfoliating (1-3 times per week)

For me, exfoliating typically happens on shower days, or every other day or two. This could also be on days when you wash your hair, but basically whatever schedule works best for your skinExfoliating in the shower can help to open pores and effectively wash away all dead skin cells. However, exfoliating should only be done up to 3 times a week so as to not overdo it.

Optional Step: Once a week maximum, I might apply a clay face mask or peel-off mask before exfoliating during my shower. I really love the Botanics Shine Away Clay Mask.

Step 1: Exfoliate. I love using a silicone face brush like this one, it gently and easily lifts dead skin. I do not recommend a harsh face scrub. These can cause micro-scratches, which can lead to further irritation. No one wants that! 

Step 2: Pat face dry after stepping out of the shower.

Step 3: Apply several drops of your favorite facial serum.

Step 4: If exfoliating in the morning/midday, apply face lotion with SPF afterwards. If showering/exfoliating in the evening, massage in your favorite facial oil or face cream. For face creams, we love the Olay Regenerist Night cream.

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Finding a simple minimalist skin care routine that is effective is a great achievement because we know that we are still covering the basics while saving time for the other things in our life that we really want - or have to - make time for.

But it is not selfish to take time for yourself. How about an at-home spa day perhaps? Head on over to our 7 step facial guide and discover how you can pamper yourself with the perfect DIY facial. Go ahead, you deserve it.


Authored by Lindsay Bownik


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