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Pregnancy Self Care: 6 Methods To Relieving Stress In The Third Trimester

Posted by Melissa Melander on
pregnancy women exercising in yoga pose

The third trimester of pregnancy, like the last stretch of a marathon, is finally here. You’ve got this! Just three more months to go.

People know you will soon be out of commission for a while. During the third trimester is commonly a time where pregnant women feel they are being pulled in many different directions. Taking care of yourself and alleviating stress during the third trimester as much as possible is incredibly important to your health, and the health of your unborn baby.

Three months may seem like a long time, but a lot can happen leading up to your due date. Buying all the necessary baby gear, baby-proofing the house, baby showers, finalizing work projects and maternity/paternity leave. It all seems to happen at the same time.

Having overwhelming amounts of stress or anxiety can result in adverse effects on you and the baby. When feeling stressed out or anxious during the third trimester of pregnancy, these 6 tips may help relieve added stress. They are also mother and baby approved 👍🏼.


1. Say no.

Too many people asking you to do things? Say no! If you’re the people pleaser type (definitely me), this is a difficult one. But your health and the health of your unborn baby come first.

For many people, saying no can be a challenge, and it is no surprise. We live in a society that values hard work over family commitments. Don’t let society convince you that you need to work up until your water breaks. Don’t get me wrong, you most definitely can if you are able and desire - or need - to!

Unfortunately, not all momma’s can afford to take any more time off work than absolutely necessary. If you are working up until your due date and work is overwhelming you to the point of high-stress and exhaustion, take a moment to speak with your boss about ways to delegate tasks and take some of the work burdens off of your back.

You may be surprised to learn that managers may not have any idea what you are going through and your current workload, so it’s best not to assume. Just remember that it is okay to say no.

pregnant women in pink dress holding her belly

2. Prenatal Massage

I see you, feeling undeserved of a $100 spa massage knowing your baby is on the way and all the added expenses that come with it. But I am telling you to go and treat yo’ self momma!

Don’t forget that you are bringing life into this world. Your body is going through a lot during this time. What better way to support yourself and the baby than a massage?

Have you discovered Groupon? If not, you definitely need to head over to and discover the local massage & spa deals happening in your area! You could snag a massage for under 50% off. So what are you waiting for?!

3. Take A Warm Bath

Get the warm water running and light some candles. Bathing during pregnancy helps to relieve sore muscles and joints. You can also add Epsom salts if you have continuously stubborn muscles, as this will help soothe the muscles and reduce cramping. Discover more about the benefits of Epsom salts and how to use them safely while pregnant. Just make sure the water temperature stays under 100F for the safety of you and baby.

4. Use A Heating Pad

Grab a heating pad and apply it to any sore spots. Learn more about the safe ways to use and apply heating pads while pregnancy by visiting The Bump. The heating pad should be no hotter than 100 degrees fahrenheit and applied for no more than 15 minutes at a time.

pregnancy women exercising in a yoga pose

5. Exercise

We all know that exercise releases endorphins. You know, those happy receptors in our brains. Exercise can also help stretch out muscles and prevent sore and aching muscles, including those startlingly painful middle-of-the-night leg cramps that are common during pregnancy. So if an Epsom salt bath and heating pad don’t work, try adding low impact exercise to your daily routine. But don’t forget to stretch afterwards and before bed to avoid making that midnight charley horse even worse!

Learn more about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy and safe exercise to do while pregnant by visiting the Mayo Clinic website.

6. Meditative Breathing

Give yourself peace of mind and consider finding a quiet place to lay down and practice your breathing. This will also help during delivery to keep you calm and focused. You might even apply the EyeChill cold therapy eye mask for added cooling stress-relief and relief from pregnancy headaches or migraines.

Suffering from migraines or headaches during pregnancy? Discover the 6 Ways to Relieve Pregnancy Headaches and how the EyeChill cooling eye mask can help.

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Authored by Lindsay Bownik

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