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Look Younger on Your Wedding Day in Just 15 Minutes

Posted by Melissa Melander on
Look Younger on Your Wedding Day in Just 15 Minutes

The year 2020 has been truly an adventure, though not always in a good way. With the covid pandemic causing global uncertainty, it has left brides wondering whether they should postpone their weddings. According to weddingwire.comwedding dates rise in September and peak in October.

Wedding Planning 

Wedding planner checklist

Wedding planning is not easy; add a global pandemic and it may seem insurmountable, compounding your stress. So, if you are one of the many brides who didn't postpone (or maybe couldn't, we've all heard the horror stories of nonrefundable deposits and feel your pain) and have a wedding coming up, then let's get excited!



 Wedding Stress

Champagne toast celebrationCongratulations on your soon-to-be marriage! You have worked hard for it, theres no doubt probably a lot harder this year than most brides usually would. Maybe you've gained a gray hair or two, or maybe a couple new fine lines around your eyes from all those late nights (or crying nights, we don't judge). You deserve to treat yourself, and start taking care of yourself, before your big day. That is where the EyeChill can help! Let the EyeChill erase those aging lines and get you looking younger for your big day, all in 15 minutes!

Look Younger 

EyeChill cold therapy eye mask

The EyeChill is our cold therapy, light-blocking eye mask that not only lowers your potentially bridezilla stress levels, but reduces puffy eyes, dark circles and fine lines. It can also help with that recurring headache (or maybe the unfortunate migraine) that seems to surface every time your wedding coordinator calls with what you can only imagine is more bad news. So let the EyeChill be your one-stop shop to refreshingly younger eyes and headache relief!


 Reduce Stress

ice cubesCold therapy has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for stress. Keep your EyeChill in the freezer so it is fresh when you need it (and it's okay if you forget, it only takes 20 minutes to freeze!), then sit back and relax with 15 minutes of cooling relief. Plus, the adjustable head strap lets you rest easy in any position you feel most comfortable in. So get the stress relief you deserve, with the EyeChill.


Let Loose  

Smiling bride wedding day

Don't let the stress of planning your wedding get in the way of enjoying your magical day! Get younger looking eyes and a more relaxed you; ready to party the night away at the festivities. And, if you party a bit too hard, the EyeChill can help you bounce back from that next-day hangover, too! On that note, you might want to get one for your husband-to-be as well... Get your EyeChill today by visiting our shop and be on your way to a younger looking, more stress-free, you!


Happy wedding planning and happy celebrating from The EyeChill. 


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