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9 Practical Holiday Gift Ideas for Her in 2020

Posted by Melissa Melander on
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As we gear up for another holiday season, we are also preparing ourselves for one of the most difficult and different holiday seasons in a long time. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many of us will decide to stay home during the holidays instead of joining the usual extended family gatherings meant to commemorate the holiday.

9 Christmas gift ideas for her with individual images

It’s a year like no other, and that’s why we’ve created this list of 9 unique holiday gift ideas for her that she is sure to love - especially in the midst of lockdowns and quarantines. Don’t think too hard about gift ideas this Christmas season with these 9 holiday gifts for her in 2020 that she will surely appreciate.

1. Her Favorite Coffee or Tea

women holding mug sipping coffee

Picking up a bag or two, or a variety pack, of her favorite coffee and/or tea is the perfect way to relax and enjoy a nice warm sip while sitting by the fireplace. Make her cup of coffee go even further this year by trying any one of these charitable coffee companies, sure to make it that much more special during the season of giving.

2. Specialty Pillow

woman resting head on pillow sleeping

More people than not don’t prioritize their sleep the way they should, which is why, with a memory foam or speciality pillow, she is sure to sleep soundly for months to come. Maybe you aren’t quite able to afford a new mattress this year like you talked about, no problem. Choosing the right pillow is a great place to start. Check out the Best Pillows of 2020 guide by The Sleep Foundation to help you find just the right pillow for her.

3. Hand Cream and Cuticle Set

woman rubbing hands with hand cream

As we get into the winter months, the air is unable to hold as much moisture as warmer air does during the summertime. This means our skin is also noticeably drier as well. Does she often neglect her skincare routine? Or maybe she doesn’t own specific hand or cuticle cream. This is a great time to gift some for her. For women with sensitive skin, be sure to check out these amazing handcare gift sets by Lush, where she can pamper herself and take care of her skin.

4. Wool Boot Socks

feet on bed wearing white wool socks

Personally, as a chronic sufferer of poor circulation and cold feet, I know that wool socks can be life-changing. They are also a great addition when wearing her favorite fall and winter boots. These socks can make a great stocking stuffer and are an affordable option for those with a tighter budget. Take a look at these 9 Best Wool Socks of 2020 and take your pick!

5. Polaroid Camera

woman sitting crosslegged on bed looking at polaroid photos

Everything is digitalized these days, and getting photos developed is a thing of the past. Or is it? A polaroid camera is a great way to capture precious moments, in the moment. You never have to remember to run to the store to get them printed! Just don’t forget to purchase some extra film so she’s ready to start snapping away right away on Christmas Day! Start exploring and comparing Polaroid camera and film options here.

6. Robot Vacuum

woman sitting on couch near robot vacuum on the floor
Especially with having several furry friends in the house, you never have to think about vacuuming or worrying about all that hair getting everywhere with a robotic vacuum cleaner. The robot takes care of it all. It has sensors that indicate where objects and steps are, so you know it’s not going to fall down the stairs or run aimlessly into things. The only downfall is, it can’t climb stairs - not yet anyways. So if you want it to clean several levels of your house, you’d need to either move it around or purchase a couple to be able to cover all those grounds.
For some robots, you can connect it to an app and even set do-not-cross boundaries within your house, which is great when you have young children around. Let this guide help you discover the abilities and functions of each robot vacuum to find the right one for your household.

7. Gift An Experience

man and woman outside drinking wine

The best gifts to give are the ones you can enjoy together - at least, in my opinion. Gifting an experience, whether it be a cooking class, theater show, wine and paint night, wine tasting, or art museum visit, you can have a great evening out together.

8. EyeChill Eye Mask

women laying on couch with blue EyeChill eyemask

We aren’t just looking for an excuse to toot our own horn here, but for the women in your life who suffer from debilitating and chronic migraine and headaches, the EyeChill may just be the solution she’s been looking for. Discover more about the EyeChill cooling therapy that can help alleviate pain caused by headaches and migraine, and also reduce the visibility of eye puffiness and dark under-eye circles.

9. Cast Iron Pan

cast iron pan sitting on top of a striped hand towel

Maybe the most practical of all the gifts on this list, perhaps besides socks. If she likes to cook and doesn’t already own a cast iron, she will surely appreciate one. A cast-iron skillet is a chef’s secret weapon, and the great part is, they literally last FOREVER. Check out the many cast iron options available at Food & Wine.


man handing woman a Christmas gift

Have other great holiday gift ideas for the women in your life? Send us a comment below, we’d love to hear about it and add it to the list!

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Authored by Lindsay Bownik


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9 Practical Gift Ideas For Her in 2020 Top 9 Holiday Gift Ideas For Her

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