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5 Ways to Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

Posted by Melissa Melander on
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Whenever I think of Valentine’s Day, a part of me wants to roll my eyes knowing that society literally created this day as an excuse to show one another love. Many people feel the pressure of this “holiday” in different ways around the world; the pressure to feel that we need someone else to give and receive love and affection. That is simply not the case.


For many years now, I have embraced the holiday as a day - or even week sometimes, I won’t lie - to focus on myself as a confidant, independent, self-motivated and empowered woman. I know what you’re probably thinking, that sounds super cheesy. It sorta is. Think of it this way, instead of mushing over someone else, you instead become obsessed with yourself.

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I mean, not narcissistically-speaking, of course. Self-love and self-care go hand in hand. I am here to tell you to become obsessed with you and to, first and foremost, put yourself first. Not sure where to start? Check out these 5 self-date ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021 and treat yourself right this year:

1. Firstly, (and my personal favorite), take a personality test to learn more about yourself.

Check out the Meyer’s Briggs 16 Personalities test to more deeply understand how you experience the world, then afterwards take the 5 Love Languages test and discover how you prefer to connect with people and receive affection. 

2. Create an “inspirational” or “aspirational” Pinterest board.

This could be anything from Home Decor to Travel to Fashion or Lifestyle. I recently created an “Apartment Aspirations” board for my future apartment. It was so much fun to piece it together with great ideas and products for sustainable and minimalist living.

3. Discover a new speciality bottle of wine from your local liquor store - or go out for a wine tasting - if available and safe to do so.

Some not-so-common wine varietals to try:

Godello (great for Chardonnay lovers)

Frontenac (try it as a Noir, Blanc, or Gris)

Gewürztraminer (for the Sauv Blanc and Riesling fans)

4. Go to the theater and see a movie - and don’t forget the large popcorn all for yourself!

If going out isn’t an option, alternatively, light some candles, start the fireplace, grab a large glass of wine, make some popcorn, and enjoy your favorite film at home.

5. Schedule a spa treatment for yourself.

This seems like the most obvious, but I know that, for myself, this is something I rarely spend money on because I never feel deserving. I am here to remind you that you DO deserve it! Whatever your ideal spa experience may be - nail treatment, massage, facial, spray tan or wax, this Valentine’s Day is all about you.

Want more fun and creative self care ideas to keep the self-love spirit going all year round? Check out these 13 Mental Health Resolutions for the 2021 New Year.


Authored by Lindsay Bownik


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