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5 Reusable Beauty Products That Will Save You Hundreds (And Save The Planet)

Posted by Melissa Melander on
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Single-use wipes, face masks, eye patches, face wipes, q-tips - you name it; even disposable razors and sponges are everywhere! Not to mention that you will have to purchase them month after month in order to replenish your stock. But there’s a better, more sustainable way to buy your beauty and skincare products.

These 5 must-have reusable beauty products will not only save you tons of money each year (and we’re talking 100’s of dollars) but they will also help out the planet with preventing unnecessary waste build-up and pollution. Check out these 5 sustainable beauty products and make the switch from disposable or single-use to reusable and sustainable today!

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So what are these reusable beauty products all about? Well, let’s compare and find out.

1. Reusable Cloth Rounds over Single-Use Cotton Rounds

These incredibly soft and absorbent reusable cloth rounds are gentle and perfect for removing makeup around your eyes and lips, as well as for cleansing your face. The great part is, they can easily be thrown in the wash where they are sanitized and ready for another day! You can find a 20 pack on Etsy for only $15.99 with free shipping!

One-time use cotton rounds are great for when you are on the go, or traveling for a short period of time. They are sanitary and you can just toss them when you’re done. But, cotton is one of the leaders in green-house gas emissions, which depletes the Earth’s Ozone layer contributing to climate change. If you do need to purchase cotton rounds, make sure you are purchasing as environmentally friendly as possibly by going for the organic cotton rounds. A 100ct of organic rounds costs you $3.99 at Target, or a 25ct of organic makeup-remover wipes from Rawganics on Amazon, $6.99.

Reusable cloth rounds can save you $16/year, 
and at least $160 after 10 years!
reusable cotton roundscotton rounds on table

2. Safety Razor over Plastic Cartridge Razors

Safety razors are only one razor blade, compared to two, three, four - or even five! - that disposable razors use, and they are just as effective. They are also less likely to irritate your skin and cause shave bumps or ingrown hairs because you’re not running multiple blades over your skin each time. Better yet, there’s absolutely no plastic! The blades can be brought to a scrap metal recycling center, resulting in zero-waste. The Weishi Chrome Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Reusable Razor is a mere $15, and when you need more blades, you can find refill packs for less than $0.25 each!

Plastic cartridge razors can be easily disposed of and are great to travel with, but these can get incredibly costly over one’s lifetime. Not to mention the plastic waste associated with them. As mentioned earlier, they are more likely to leave the skin irritated and likely to cause ingrown hairs and razor bumps. A 4pk of disposable Venus 3-Blade razors goes for $5.39 at Target, or the Venus 3-Blade +2 refill razors is $7.99.

Safety razors can save you $16/year, and $160 after 10 years!

brown metal safety razor 

3. Silicone Ear Swabs over Single-Use Q-tips

Did you know that 25.5 billion single-use q-tips, mostly made of cotton and plastic, are disposed of every year? That’s a lot of waste! Silicone ear swabs are an effective way to clean your ears and remove make-up, among other things, and can be washed and reused. Save space and money with this 4ct of Reusable Ear Swabs for less than $5 on Amazon!

Single-use q-tips are rarely found with a bamboo or wood base. Organic q-tips are available, 200ct for around $8, but you mine as well opt for the silicone swabs as they will save you money and space in your luggage since you won’t have to stock up!

Silicone ear swabs can save you about $8/year, and $80 after 10 years!
reusable ear swabs cotton ear swabs in round container

4. Foundation Blending Brushes over Disposable Make-Up Sponges

Maybe this is something you’ve never even thought about before, but switching from sponges to blending brushes to apply foundation and concealer is a more sanitary option, and saves you money typically spent on replacing your sponges AND saves you from wasting expensive make-up. Another bonus, they won’t leave residue all over your makeup bag when you're finished using them. Check out this Kabuki Hexagon Face Brush for just $10, it’s stylish, small, effective, and it never needs replacing. Simply wash your brush once a week with soap and water and you’re good to go.

I, for one, used to try and make my make-up sponges last as long as I could because they are spendy little buggers! This is not a smart move, as it can lead to the harboring of bacteria due to the fact that there is no way to properly clean them. On top of it all they are, inevitably, sponges. They soak up enormous amounts of expensive product that won’t ever reach your face and will instead get sucked into the sponge, which then gets thrown away. That’s product that you will never get back! Did I mention they were spendy? Yep that’s right, make-up sponges range from $0.50 to $7 a pop and should be replaced every three months!

Blending brushes can save you an average of $16/year,
and $160 after 10 years!
makeup brushes with concealermakeup sponges

5. EyeChill Eye Mask over Single-Use Sheet Masks (or One-Time Use Eye Patches)

The EyeChill cold therapy eye mask is the perfect alternative to other single-use eye treatments or patches. The mask sets right around the eyes and the cooling treatment helps reduce the visibility of dark-under circles and eye puffiness, as well as tightens wrinkles and provides an all-around relaxing sensation. The EyeChill even helps to alleviate pain associated with tension headaches and migraines, an all-around winner. For just $24.95, the EyeChill silicone eye mask can be used over and over again after just 20 minutes in the freezer. Let the magic begin!

On the other hand, I am always stunned to see how expensive single-use sheet masks and eye patches can be (somewhere around $4 a pair/sheet!). That’s the equivalent of a latte from your favorite coffee shop. Ain’t nobody got money for that! 

The EyeChill can save you $48/year, and $480 after 10 years!

women in blue reusable eye mask woman wearing disposable face mask sheet 
This list is a great start for those looking to downsize, become more eco-friendly and sustainable, and save money along the way.
Actually, you can save A LOT of money. How much, to be exact?
By implementing these 5 simple changes into your beauty routine, 
you can save yourself an average of $1040 after just 10 years.
If you’re in your 20’s or 30's, this could mean 
a savings of $5,200 or more across your lifetime,
 and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
$100 fanned out

There are many more ways to become environmentally friendly with sustainable and reusable beauty products that will help save the planet, and save you tons in the long term. And, if you’re living with a family, multiply these numbers by all the others using them on a yearly basis and your savings are sure to double or even triple!

Want to learn more about your carbon footprint and uncover other ways to reduce your waste and save money? Visit the Global Footprint Network today.


Authored by Lindsay Bownik


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